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  • VDSL Internet Plans

  • VDSL is very fast broadband.

    • By definition, VDSL is faster than ADSL broadband.
    • You can get up to 100Mbps download speeds and upload speeds up to 30Mbps.
    • Areas with vectored VDSL can get speeds up to 130Mbps (vectored VDSL works by reducing signal interference).
    • VDSL is now available to 80% of New Zealand homes.
    • VDSL installation is quicker and easier than Fibre, but Fibre is better for both speed and latency. Fibre broadband still the best connection type available.
    • With VDSL, enjoy better HD video streaming and sharper Skype video chats, when compared to ADSL.

    If you want faster broadband, and Fibre is not yet available where you live, then VDSL is a great choice for you.