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  • ADSL Home Plan


    ADSL Broadband.

    Standard fixed line broadband, for home.

    ADSL Broadband is fast, reliable, and available at most places in New Zealand. ADSL can be bundled with a home phone or used on it's own (called 'Naked').
    ADSL stands for "Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line". The 'asymmetric' part of the definition means that download speeds and upload speeds are not the same. In other words, download speeds are faster than upload speeds.

    • ADSL uses the Chorus legacy copper network (previously Telecom).
    • ADSL is ideal for basic activities, like web browsing, email and online banking.
    • ADSL is available across many parts of New Zealand.

    ADSL was once the most common type of broadband found in New Zealand homes, but that is no longer true. Fibre has become the most common type of broadband connection in New Zealand.

    About ADSL speeds.

    ADSL is slower than both VDSL and Fibre broadband. Within the Chorus copper network, there are two varieties of ADSL, these are ADSL and ADSL2+. The big difference between the two is speed. ADSL can deliver a theoretical maximum speed of 7.5Mbps for download, while ADSL2+ can deliver a theoretical maximum speed of 24Mbps.

    If you can't get VDSL at your location, or you won't be able to get Fibre for some time, you should consider Wireless Broadband.